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Journey to The Most Powerful You

I help Mothers reclaim their Confidence in Motherhood and beyond.

Hi! I’m Loulua, I am a confidence coach, specialised in the overwhelm that we experience in our day-to-day lives. I help Mothers just like you to create powerful shifts in your lives. I guide you into your most powerful self while helping you find a sense of joy, purpose and confidence.  

Matrescence is defined as the process of becoming a mother. It is a word used to describe the physical, psychological, and emotional changes people go through during the monumental transformation that is motherhood. 

The shift we go through as mothers is immense, and it feels like it is out of our control.  

I want to help you take back that power and bring out the Goddess within you. 

I’ve helped my clients to overcome their overwhelm, conquer their self-imposed limiting beliefs and truly tap into the unlimited potential that they already have residing in them.  

And I can take you there because I have also been where you are.   

After waking up from a terrible miscarriage, I realised that I was in extreme overwhelm, putting everyone’s needs before my own. I had to put my son in nursery so that I could return to a job I used to love, but felt unfamiliar and forceful now. I was constantly lashing out at everyone around me and my mental health was at an all time low; I could slowly see myself spiralling.

I decided I needed a change.  


I decided to take back my power.  

I decided to become the student of my life and to keep learning, keep improving, keep falling and getting back up again.  

I decided to become the best example for my children, for they wont do what I say, but will do what I do. If I want them to love themselves unconditionally, feel happy & confident, then I must lead by example.  

Are you ready to start your Journey to the Most Powerful You? 

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