- SC

"My mind was blown at how much my mindset, and my feelings about my life, were able to shift in just 7 sessions with Loulua. I wasn't sure what to expect when I first signed up, but found that Loulua's approach, which is calm, warm, playful and organised, meant that I very quickly began to benefit, even from the first session. Loulua's workbooks were a huge game changer - they ensured that I was applying the tools that we had discussed in between our sessions, and prompted me to do some self-reflection ahead of the next session. Loulua tailored our sessions to the areas of focus that I wanted to address - she provided me with the tools that would work for me, specifically so I could feel in control of my life again, and to get me feeling inspired and energised, after this year in lockdown. My 7-week course with Loulua did exactly that, and I would absolutely recommend this to anybody feeling like they want a little more from life - there truly is no better toolkit to get you feeling empowered again!"


- JC

Before I met Loulua I was feeling like something was missing from my life almost like I feared what might happen if things changed or I wanted to do something and I may fail. I felt a sense of limiting beliefs which never occurred to me until I started working with Loulua to figure out what was going on. Loulua helped me dive deep within myself  and why I may be feeling the way I was. I was incredibly  impressed with her capability, dedication, postive attitude and sincerity. "Loulua I am so grateful for your insightful transformational coaching. You were very perceptive, on the mark, and kind with what I needed to change/do to  move forward with my life. My time with you has been very well spent."  

Your coaching has helped me push forward with setting up my own Instagram page as a coach (still a working progress) along with my cake business (which I'm still working on prices & new creative ideas etc) but I'm fearless now & my most famous word is "if something is not serving me don't take on board"  😄 


- ND

Loulua is an incredible life coach. She has taught me hoe to see things in a different way that made me much more aware of how to control my day to day behaviour and to look at some events that happen to me in different ways. Totally recommend giving her sessions a shot - She WILL change your life!